Friday, April 8, 2011

Scattered Thoughts

I am feeling a little under-the-weather today, so that warrants some random thoughts that are basically unrelated.

1.  I don't really want to share any details about the job search in a public forum because I have a few different exciting positions I'm in the process of interviewing for.  No favoritism that the Internet needs to know about!

2.  That being said, it's hard to keep up with the ever-growing world of social media, as described in a recent blog post for my job at CMU.  You have to keep a clean-sheet on the Internet, keeping an eye on everything you said and do that will represent who you are.  Make sure to Google yourself and see what comes up!

3.  My friend Abby made a cool blog post about the 5 Love Languages yesterday, which I really enjoyed exploring again.  The 5 Love Languages explores how we show affection and how we prefer to be shown affection.  Contrary to what some believe, Physical Touch tends to be my strongest LL.  Quality Time and Words of Affirmation aren't far behind.  So let's go get coffee, greet me with a hug, and tell me how cool my shoes are.  Check the survey out for yourself here!

4.  Schoolwork and the job search are piling up in April, so I'm sorry if I don't see you before then!  I look forward to graduation on May 1st and East End Brewery's Keg Ride on May 7th; a great way to kick of summer in Pittsburgh!

5.  Check out my friend Monica's blog that she just started the other day.  We share a lot of the same thoughts about social networking.

6.  I love "Maps" by Yeah Yeah Yeahs.  Check it:

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