Saturday, February 28, 2015


It has been a pleasure journeying with you all on this blog. When I started this blog in 2008 I was a 23-year-old introducing you all into a transition into post-college adulthood. I have written quite a bit about Pittsburgh, God, Christianity, and simply being a twentysomething in the millennial generation.

Blogging peaked in 2011 as I finished graduate school and moved to Tacoma. It fizzled and all but ended in recent years as I've focused less on blogging and more on people (and tweeting, to be honest). My last post here was about turning 30 and this seems like the right time for a transition.

In short, I'm starting a new blog about living in Tacoma as someone born and raised in Pittsburgh. It's not anything profound; just a sort of ongoing memoir of one person's life experience in one place having been shaped in another. I will halt details here as a synopsis can be found in my first post on the new blog.

Find my new blogging home on Medium. Read the introduction and start following. I hope you enjoy my experiences in Tacoma as much as I do.