Saturday, September 22, 2012


Sometimes life gets really complicated and you just have to stop, breathe, and let it pass you by a bit. Over the past few weeks I've been bombarded with stressors and priorities that have done nothing but made me unsettled. I struggle with wanting to use my time at work effectively and get overwhelmed with things I want to accomplish. I get home and want to use my free time productively to read, learn, practice music, write music, write blogs, or something else of benefit. While the purpose of this motivation is beautiful, it is incredibly difficult to use energy if you don't have it.

In the end, I'm learning that I need to take time to kick back and relax in order to make other time fruitful. The most important things will be completed somehow. Those things that aren't as important will fade to the bottom of the priority list. Creatively, the best results come when you follow inspiration instead of a schedule. Last week I wrote verses for songs for the first time in months after expecting to make a lot more time to do so in this season of my life. I didn't plan to write a blog today, yet here I am.

Following your heart is the only way to make things happen. Sometimes your heart leads to the pen. Sometimes it leads to the couch. Either way, we all need to follow it a bit to make sure we're balancing life in a way that's beneficial in the long-run. As long as we're not spending every day on the couch, things will be alright.