Cross-country Roadtrip 2011

In August 2011 I took a position at the University of Washington Tacoma after having fallen in love with the Pacific Northwest over the past few years.  I'd been wanting to relocate here as a result of reading one of my favorite books, Through Painted Deserts, which also gave me the itch to do the roadtrip out.  So I left Pittsburgh on August 30th with the intention of arriving in Tacoma 6 days later on September 5th.

While I did not encounter any particular excitement like Don Miller or Jack Kerouac have documented, I did have an amazing trip and experienced our country in a way that can only be rivaled by others hitting the road.  I thought it would be helpful to gather these blog posts together in one handy location so you can relive this experience with me!

Tuesday, August 30 - Heading West

Tuesday, August 30 - Day 1 - Pittsburgh to Columbus

Wednesday August 31 - Day 2 - Columbus to Milwaukee

Thursday, September 1 - Day 3 - Milwaukee to Minneapolis

Friday, September 2 - Day 4 - Minneapolis to Rapid City, SD

Saturday, September 3 - Day 5 - Rapid City, SD, to Bozeman, MT

Sunday, September 4 - Day 6 - Bozeman, MT to Spokane

Monday, September 5 - Day 7 - Spokane to Tacoma