Saturday, February 12, 2011

Female Lead Singers

Lately I've been really into indie bands with female vocalists. I used to strongly prefer male vocalists, but bands like Gold Motel, Turning Violet Violet (Philly) Big Hurry, and Sleep Experiments (the latter two from Pittsburgh) have been tugging at my heart strings lately. There is a certain combination of sensuality, compassion, and emotion that naturally shines through on female vocals. And, let's be honest, females have much prettier voices than the nicest male vocalist.

The girls in these and other bands add a sense of innocent fun to the mix. The tracks give that light-hearted, soft, beautiful feeling when these ladies sing with their heart. Having these women leading the charge makes you feel lot less like it's a boy's club that they're a part of. Without them, these bands wouldn't exist. The strength in hearing their words coming from their mouths instead of a male vocalist gives you that "independent woman" sense that Beyonce brought along, only in a more behind-the-scenes "I don't need to say I'm an independent woman to be independent" sort of way.

My favorite, and biggest crush in music, is Emily Moore, who also plays for the band fun.. Check her Myspace. My favorite track is "Tough Luck". Jack is sweet and Ginger's lookin' mighty fine...

Who is your favorite band with a female lead vocalist?


  1. True that. Though I find most of my interest in female vocalists finds itself not in contemporary bands (very loosely used), but in electronica and downtempo, sometimes trance too. Maybe on the opposite side of the spectrum from your tastes Jake, but you may want to check them out, you might like some of them.

    1. the uncategorizable group Massive Attack has several female vocalists in all their albums. Not many very prominent on their own, but two of particular note are Elizabeth Davidson Fraser who did the vocals for "Black Milk" and "Teardrop" (theme song from House), and Martina Topley-Bird who does have her own solo stuff and is REALLY good

    2. trance group Above&Beyond has some good vocalists throughout their music. They also teamed up with Justine Suissa to form OceanLab, she has a very ethereal voice

    3. electronic/trip-hop group Morcheeba has lead singers Syke Edwards and Daisy Martey (original singer and replacement singer)

    4. of moderate fame is Sia Furler who has lots of solo stuff but she also did some work for Zero 7, most famously the song "Destiny". also Sophie Barker did some good work for Zero 7, notably "In the Waiting Line"

    5. and my favorite would have to be Thievery Corporation, electronic/electronica/downtempo band with a slew of female singers to include Loulou Ghelichkhani - Iranian born, French raised, and New York City living. one song she does, "Le Monde", she sings in French....i'd marry her for that voice

  2. I've had a very similar experience - I used to like exclusively male vocalists and have recently come around to the female voice in indie bands. Actually I would have to accredit Zero 7's song "In the Waiting Line" with starting my turnaround. The next song that furthered my acceptance (although not really indie) was Snow Partrol's "Set the fire to the 3rd Bar" featuring Martha Wainwright. Recently, I've really been enjoying The Hush Sound, as well as a few others that are escaping my mind.

  3. FYI, Eric, the girl from Gold Motel is the singer for The Hush Sound!