Thursday, February 24, 2011

Blog Spotlight: eatPGH

I want to start a semi-regular spotlight on the many blogs that I keep up with. Many of my friends are entertaining and talented, so I read a lot of my friends' blogs about everything from Trader Joe's to running (even though I don't run, per say).

An activity that I do partake in, though, is eating. Waiting tables and watching food shows like Top Chef has given me a deep appreciation for good food. Whether that food is gourmet like on TV or your standard burger done right, I love it all!

The girls at eatPGH feel the same way, which is what's drawn me to their writing! My friend, Laura Zorch, is one of the four main contributors to this blog started a couple years ago. Born out of a love for eating out and cooking in, these ladies have been writing about recipes and restaurants all over Pittsburgh.

They have no agenda besides informing Pittsburgh of what they enjoy, so you know that what you see is what you get on this page. When they say that the salmon at Willow is amazing, believe it. Or when they tell you that Burgh'ers in Harmony is worth the hour-long drive, then plan for a long evening out.

Check it out. Snoop around. The restaurants are divided by geographic location, so it's easy to navigate and find some spots in your neighborhood. I particularly enjoy the 99 Things to Eat in Pittsburgh Before You Die post.

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