Monday, February 21, 2011


There's something naturally beautiful about snow.  One of the most unbelievably peaceful moments is in the evening after a fresh, deep snowfall when the only thing that can be heard is the sound of fresh flakes landing on their brothers and sisters upon the ground.  The silence and stillness engulfs the scene and makes you feel like there is no one remaining in the world. Encountering another human in an evening like this feels like you have both survived a natural disaster where the entire world has become frozen in time.

Moving out of my parents' house again when I started graduate school was a natural step and I was excited to be back in the city, but the quiet scene of a suburban snowfall is one that I miss dearly.  I remember one time two winters ago when I looked out of my bedroom window and only saw snow where there was once grass and asphalt.  You could not determine where the yard ended and the road began at our normally-busy intersection.  What set apart my parents' scene from others were the street lights hitting the ground faintly, creating light amidst otherwise pitch black; illuminating the white ground in a heavenly shine.  It was a sea of white with no inhabitants to be seen.

Just like Snowpocalypse last year, I didn't expect the amount of snow we were granted with tonight.  Snowfall is even more impressive when it comes without warning (to me), so I was in awe every time I peered out our windows to greet the downpour.  I didn't get the best snapshot but you get the idea of the stillness on our inactive street.  What a beautiful scene!


  1. Capturing the stillness... I like that.

  2. I feel the same way. I never had snows like this as a child, so Pgh big snows bring out the kid in me. This morning, I couldn't see my steps out my third floor window, and it was like finding treasure when I unearthed yesterday's newspaper while shoveling.


  3. Yeah, being "surprised" by a heavy snowfall is the best. Sometimes, I ignore the news just so I get that feeling. It's kind of submissive in a way...don't you think? The excitement of not being able to do anything about being trapped in and dominated?

  4. Hey Jake,
    Thanks so much for taking time to appreciate the snow! I was getting so frustrated with everyone complaining about all the snow, when all I wanted was one flake. The snow is truly a beautiful gift from God and I hope he brings a lot next winter when I'm home! :)