Monday, February 7, 2011

Some Monday Thoughts

I haven't written anything in here for a week, so I thought it was time. Maybe I'll elaborate on these things soon, but here's what's on my mind today.

Life has been a series of to-do lists lately, without an end very near. This mostly happens because I have to do weekly responses for readings in three classes every week, so once the weekend ends it is back to the grind. I don't worry about grades much anymore because I feel like I have as much of an understanding of higher education as Pitt will teach me in the classroom, so it's just a matter of applying the new knowledge to what I already know and writing papers about it. It's not that I'm some master of higher education knowledge, it's just that the work is so neverending right now that I can't afford to dwell very much.

What have you been learning lately?

Job Searching
Most of my learning about the world is coming from work and the job search. I've been stressing about resumes and cover letters so much that it's making it seem like it doesn't matter whether I can actually excel at a job or not. It's more a matter of convincing someone through written and spoken word that I can do it. Applying and interviewing for jobs is an odd skill that we all must master in order to land that first job. I don't like playing "the game" and try to stick to my genuine guns when I apply, so hopefully that will get me as far as I need to go.

What's been your favorite job so far?

The Steelers lost the Super Bowl last night. This would have been a demoralizing event a few years ago when my happiness was dictated by the success of my favorite teams, but fortunately I've found some other meaning in life so things have carried on. Or maybe it's because the Steelers have six Super Bowls, so I can live with a loss here and there. Now it's time to build up my hopes for Pitt basketball just in time to have my soul crushed in March, again.

What team determines your happiness/sadness most?

Today I stumbled upon a few sets of tunes I haven't listened to in a while. Nine Black Alps are a British band I listened to when I DJed for WPTS a few years ago. Your standard British alt-rock quartet (I think?) that plays some dirty rock and roll. I rediscovered my love for Matt Pond PA and The Shins as homework-music, too. New Strokes album next month, which should be worth looking forward to.

Listen to an album today that you haven't spun in a while!

I've been negative about a lot of things lately, so God's challenged me to knock it off. This world isn't about me and what I want. I'm here to bring people together to worship God and thank Him for Jesus Christ, but I've let my selfish thoughts get in the way. Time to act like I'm following God's lead, not just saying it.

Has God been telling you anything that you didn't want to hear?

Carpe Diem
Three months until graduation. No idea where I'll end up, but I'm excited to find out. Chances are I'll stay in Pittsburgh, but incredible opportunities in Boston, Portland, Seattle, or Philadelphia could pull me in a new direction. No matter where I end up, I need to take advantage of the days I have in Pittsburgh. I've been talking with my friend, Alicia, who is graduating from Boston College this semester, and we agree that we need to do exciting things in our respective towns before a possible departure, or at least life change. It's been refreshing to make sure I do something out-of-the-ordinary and take advantage of Pittsburgh while I'm here.

Give me ideas for cool things to do in Pittsburgh before I leave. (You know, a Pittsburgh bucket list)

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