Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Hopefully I'll be coming up with a real post soon, but for this Thursday morning I'd like to take a walk down memory lane for some of my favorite posts:

My first post.  I don't know how much I love it, but this post came at a big turning point in my life after I had left my youth ministry job in Mars with intentions of moving back to the city and eventually starting graduate school.  A lot has changed since then (like, umm, graduation in 17 days), but I still definitely prefer an urban atmosphere like I did then.

My post-Seattle remarks.  Visiting anywhere out west will definitely make you want to go sometimes.  Who knows if I'll ever end up in Seattle, or anywhere west of the Mississippi, but if I do it will be a result of this trip.

A letter to my friends and family.  This was written in remembrance of a great friend, Caleb Altmire.  We miss you, brother.

Have a great Thursday!  I hope to bring you some new, original thoughts soon.  In the meantime, follow me on Twitter!

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