Friday, March 18, 2011


Nothing much better than a Friday for one of the first beautiful days in this year's edition of Spring, right?  Riding to work was enviable today cruising down Craig Street on my World Sport this morning with the 63 degree air engulfing my frame.  After a winter of trudging 30 minutes in the snow to get to CMU, I cannot think of better weather to take my 12-minute bike ride to work than today.  Here are a few beautiful thoughts on this beautiful Friday:

March Madness, of course!  Today is the second day of the 68-team tournament.  Basketball is my favorite sport and the next three weekends are the most demonstrative displays of human emotion you'll see in sports all year.  The buzzer-beaters, the upsets, the money pools, and the hope that Pitt will finally make that elusive Final Four.  When my job search ends, I know that the first two days of the tournament will be the first vacation days I try to land.  I've worked Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve; not a big deal.  Yesterday and today?  I'd rather be on my couch.  

Finding a killer job.  I have found a lot of really cool jobs during the past week of job searching, but the best one may have been found in a final gasp of applications.  The position is a Coordinator for Student Activities at CMU.  This coordinator will be the adviser for WRCT (CMU radio), cmuTV, the Activities Board, and a few other programs.  Being the staff adviser for CMU's radio station and Activities Board would be a perfect fit for me.  I love engaging students with on-campus activities and I absolutely loved my time at Pitt's radio station, WPTS.  I love music and students who love music, so this position is at the top of my wish list.

Facebook fasting.  Today is Day 9 of the fast and I barely miss Facebook.  It was an enormous waste of time and I've been plenty more productive in my life since the fast started.  The most unexpected effect is that I am valuing my alone time far more than I ever have.  Facebook would fill the white space of my personal time with a gray area of social interaction.  Instead of wasting time on Facebook, I've been applying for jobs, playing music, and enjoying time reading or with friends.

This weather.  Mid-60s and sunny.  Perfect for biking to the Union Grill after work for a Rogue Dead Guy Ale and March Madness with my buddy Jordan.

What are some other beautiful things about this beautiful Friday?



  1. Heading down to the Ed Sullivan show this evening for some good old-fashioned pop rock = beautiful!

    Sounds like a rockin' job opp, too... better reel it in!

  2. Awesome to hear about the good effects of the facebook fast. I'm not seeing much improvement myself, still finding myself dorking around on the interweb, but I should kick my butt into studying for my PMP exam soon...