Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 3

Today starts Day 3 of the Facebook Fast.  To be honest, I don't miss it.  My absence from the internet while in Boston earlier in the week made it easy to ween myself off of the time-destroyer.  Last night I saw Sleep Experiments at the 31st Street Pub and today I'm having lunch with a friend.  My quest for social interaction is producing immediate results, even though I'd probably do these things anyways.

Yesterday was far more productive as a result of the fast.  Aside from grocery shopping, I was doing tons of job-searching.  Our good friend, Tom Corbett, is trying to eliminate two of my main application-receivers, Pitt and Temple, so I've started to look outside Pennsylvania for jobs a lot more.  Today I'll be putting in applications at UC San Diego and UCLA.  Other schools on the list are Northeastern, Boston University, Drexel, and the University of Washington.

I have developed a short list of cities I'll consider moving to if I can't get a job in Pittsburgh (although I'd prefer to stay in the Steel City).  That list is Boston, Philadelphia, Seattle, Portland, Denver, and various places in California.

Give me some insight!  Which of these cities are best to live in?  What are some cool colleges in these areas?

Boston seems like a great city, especially if I could get a Resident Director job at one of their schools and not have to pay for housing.  I walked all over Beacon Hill and into Downtown on Monday night.  The city is very walkable and bikeable, depending on where you're going.  But that's most places, right?


  1. Chicago is my favorite city. There are A LOT of schools there.

  2. Well you already know that Philly is a bad idea...

    I haven't been to Cali or Boston, so I'll refrain from comment there. Can't offer "living" advice, but Seattle and Denver are both pretty sweet cities to visit, so I'm sure that being either place long-term would allow for more in-depth exploration of the many fine things they have to offer. Seattle = Sounders, Mariners, Mt. Rainier National Park... Denver = Fat Tire, disc golf, skiing... neither compares to the City of Bridges, Champions, and Rock Room, but if that's not an option, Seattle and Denver are pretty good options, based on my experience.

    Schools: Colorado School of Mines (Golden) sent me info on their engineering stuff, seemed pretty cool although not quite what I was looking for as far as degree. Air Force Academy (Co. Springs) is pretty sweet, dunno how they work things though. My aunt teaches nursing at Seattle Pacific; I could see if she knows anyone who'd be good to contact for jobs there...

    PS - have you considered Charlotte?

  3. I'll have to try to use the word "option" twice in the same sentence more often...

  4. southern CA is weak. Northern or as far down as San Luis Obispo is cool.