Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Start of Unemployment

My extreme extroversion feels like the death of me at work the last couple weeks.  Things are slowing down mightily at work as students finish up classes and head home for the summer, so I return home every day completely drained of energy because my little back office with no windows in the basement of the UC at CMU is keeping me from any social interaction and driving me nuts!

I need some interaction, so how about you comment some answers to these questions?

What is some music I NEED to listen to today?

At the moment, I'm jamming a stream of the new Manchester Orchestra album (out yesterday) as well as Arcade Fire's performance at Coachella.  These two bands are reminding me how much I need to create music, but I need some energy and inspiration first.  I want to start a band so badly, but have no idea where I will live at the end of the summer, so it's virtually pointless to try at the moment.  That will be one of my first endeavors in my new (or old) city!

What are some cool (cheap) things I should do while I'm unemployed for a while?

Tennis, painting, playing music, disc golf, cooking, and reading are already on the list.  Give me some other ideas!  I'll be poor, so the cheaper the better.  I'm about to be unemployed for a yet-to-be-determined amount of time, so I could use some simple or elaborate ideas to utilize in Pittsburgh.

What makes you impatient?

My attention deficit is not designed for long periods of idleness, so my patience is being challenged by my lack of tasks in front of me as well as my job and future uncertainty on many levels.  I know that I need to put my need for patience in God's hands or I'll continue down a slippery slope of insanity due to lack of stimuli.


  1. You should come over for pie + cards this summer.

  2. Come to the zoo with us! Once we renew our membership in June, we'll have guest passes.

  3. yes! both of these are excellent ideas that, coincidentally, put me in highland park.

  4. Today, you NEED listen to Ghosting by the Freelance Whales. ( I have no idea if you'll like it, but it's one I'm loving lately. Best part is 2:48 through the end of the song. Worth the wait.

    I've never been to Pittsburgh (unless you count the airport), so I can't answer your second question.

    And I'm pleasantly surprised by how hard it is for me to come up with an answer to your third question. I was gonna say distracted drivers, but I think they frustrate me more than they try my patience.

  5. you should start a college. it looks damn good on a resume.

  6. jake, a) you could baby-sit our child (for free) b) you should write a book, a memoir of sorts c) learn to whittle