Tuesday, November 16, 2010

a second try

today i was getting depressed about growing up. it stinks, but we all do it i guess. finishing school, (hopefully) getting a job, sinking into the "real world". i even wrote a blog about it. but then i deleted the blog. it was depressing and more negative than i'd like. here's to a second chance.

instead of griping, i'll just talk about how blessed i am. i know i express my thankfulness a lot, but i don't think i can do it enough.

i have an incredible family and group of friends who have taught me how to show love in everything i do. i saw many of these friends this past weekend at rob and chelsea's wedding in philly, and for this i'm thankful. pictures and memories of times spent with these people will always bring a smile to my face.

i have an expression and an escape through music. i often overlook my ability to play music because so many of my friends are musically talented, but i am so thankful for my ability to play multiple instruments. playing an original song with two of my roommates last night was worth losing sleep for. my mood was instantly improved today by listening to hellogoodbye on my walk home, which reminded me of many of my friends, and then again when taking back sunday had a new track online. music gives me so much of the energy i need when i listen to the right song.

and i'm thankful for God. i don't always try to push my Christian agenda on people through my blog, but the fact is that i'm a Christian and i hope that that fact is obvious through my actions. but God has put these people and this music and these talents in my life for a reason. the reason for things isn't always obvious, but eventually it shows it's face and makes a lot of sense. all we can do is be thankful for every day we have and hope that the plan gets us where we want to go. little do we know that where we want to go is good, but where God wants us to go is better. i love getting to that better place and remembering that my "good" plans aren't worth worrying about.

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  1. Love the title of your blog. Just had to let you know.