Tuesday, November 30, 2010

school break free time

today started pretty poorly, mostly as a result of the cold and rain on my walk to work. when i got to work i saw an email from my supervisor telling me that the career center at cmu basically doesn't have much for the interns to do while students are gone, so we probably won't work over break. which is cool if you don't need money, but i kinda do. no use crying over spilled milk, though, since there isn't much wiggle room as far as coming up with a project to keep us busy. it occurred to me halfway through the morning, though, that i am being immeasurably blessed with a gift that will become more and more rare as my life progresses: free time.

so upon returning from the Beitzel-Rittase wedding on december 19th, i will have 18 days of freedom before returning to work, save for a couple major holidays and a few classes. i also won't have much of an income, so saving money will be key.

knowing all of this, i started making a list at lunch today of all the things i've wanted to do since life got so busy. what would i do if i had entire free days to literally do whatever i want? well, here are some ideas...

clean my room.
write and record a few songs.
write a short story.
revise my already written story.
play with my nieces and nephews.
apply for jobs.
work ahead for next semester (yea right).
cook delicious things.
visit with friends.
enjoy inexpensive nights of games and/or talking.
help my dad or matt with home improvement projects.
clean my car.
practice piano.
go to a matinee.
explore the strip district and other grocery stores.
create a prayer station for the open door.
visit museums.

this is just the tip of the iceberg. so many great ideas, plenty of time to do a lot of them, for once. my life will rarely be this way, so i need to take advantage. and now i've told all of you, so hold me to it.

so what should i make sure to do?

what would you do with two free weeks?


  1. Watch the Hall house while they're gone from the 21st-31st?

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  3. Color me jealous. My list is slightly different but probably just as long. If it wasn't for the "if you don't need money" clause, I'd be all about just not working for a while and doing this sort of thing. But alas, once you are in the rat race (/once you dig yourself that hole which is school, house, etc. debt...) ...