Thursday, January 13, 2011

eat, sleep, repeat

this morning i walked to work in the midst of the snow. it took me a while to drag myself out of bed and sloth my way through the morning routine, but i got to the bus stop just in time to catch the 77 halfway to work. my run down the hill to the bus stop woke me up a bit, but i still shuffled my feet on the walk down morewood to carnegie mellon.

accompanying me on this journey today was copeland. these guys were not mentioned in my "favorite artists" list, but i believe that was a pretty big oversight. copeland released four albums, each pretty unique, with their masterpiece (arguably) being eat, sleep, repeat. their 3rd studio album is a trip through emotions. the album moves up and down in pace and demeanor, making it unique and intriguing.

eat, sleep, repeat is a mundane title for an album that goes far deeper than the everyday occurrence. aaron marsh has a way of singing into your soul on this album and it will mesmerize you when you don't expect it.

one of my favorite afternoons of the last few years was a trip to the carnegie museum of art when i put this album on my ipod and just experienced art. visual art was in front of me and the audio art engulfing my eardrums created an experience that was utterly calming and inspirational. eat, sleep, repeat has a home in the art museum.

so this morning i listened to a few tracks from the album on my walk to work. i noticed myself losing focus and slowing my pace as i wanted to let the music take over my being. it was becoming a soundtrack for my thoughts with an alternating of depression and hope. often times our lives and jobs can feel like an "eat, sleep, repeat" kind of rotation, which is why it's so intriguing to take an album of that name that contains immense uniqueness. in the most ironic of ways, i noticed something new about life every time i listen to eat, sleep, repeat.

what albums give you unique experiences?

is there a particularly fond memory that you can associate with an artist or album?

what music helps to eliminate the "eat, sleep, repeat" feelings in your life?

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