Saturday, December 11, 2010

social networking

alright, i did it. i caved and started using twitter. i feel like a sort of sellout because i try so hard not to give in to technology! but the fact is that i am a writer, a blogger, a communicator. in this day and age it's impossible for me to gain exposure doing these things without using all of the available resources.

here are a few of my stances regarding technology and communication:

first, i appreciate the advancement, so let me say that first. communication is important for someone who is extraverted and disorganized like me. i like being able to call, text, email, and blog basically whenever i want. i thrive off of being in constant communication with people.

second, i like being able to turn it all off. as much as i appreciate being able to do these things whenever i want, i also enjoy being able to avoid them whenever i want, too. this is why i hope to never own a phone that can access the internet.

third, we wouldn't be where we are today without these advancements; good and bad. we know what's happening in people's lives so much, which can be fun, but can be overwhelming and intrusive, as well. did you know that miley cyrus took a bong hit? and there's a video? i hear it wasn't pot, though, so billie ray can sleep easy.

all this being said, i like to utilize technology. i thought that i'd consider myself a sellout if i used blogger, facebook, myspace, and twitter. but, the fact is that i do enjoy it, so i might as well just sell out. i like to write and make music, and the best way to share these things today is with blogging and myspace. the best way to market blogs and music is with facebook and twitter.

so here i am, blogging about it. i'll probably put up a facebook status and a tweet about this blog, too. then maybe i'll write a song about how i like writing songs.

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  1. your not a sell out.
    you would be a sell out if you boycotted the internet as a forum for writing and reading because it takes away from the traditional written word like books and newspapers. But, since you already utilize one, you might as well get the best result by using them all.