Sunday, April 4, 2010

victory over death

it is Easter morning. today is the day we celebrate the rising of Jesus Christ from the dead, physically depicting the victory He shares with us over death. death has no hold on us because Christ sacrificed His own life to save ours.

this is simple to say today. we'll go to church and they will tell us about it. we will proclaim "He is risen!" along with everyone else. we will sing songs and hymns about the fact that Christ is risen today. i've never been to a Easter service at a non-Catholic church, but i can clearly hear the singing at good samaritan in ambridge; Jesus Christ is risen today! alleluia! but what does it all mean? it means eternal life, indeed. but for those of us who want to experience some kind of tangible meaning here today, what does it mean?

the meaning of Christ's victory over death today tells me that the life i experience in this world has an end. this life is short and sweet, but should be enjoyed. chances should be taken, opportunities should not be passed. bucket lists should be completed and life should be lived to the fullest. as Christ commands us in matthew, we are to spread the good news. we are to go and make disciples. as st francis suggests, we are to preach the gospel always, and when necessary use words. we are to be a living sacrifice in representation of the sacrifice made by Jesus.

Christ died to save us. the least we could do is share that news.

He is risen indeed.

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